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The Buddy Love Potion 


The idea came after a paired dinner at Michelin restaurant in early ‘22 where a wine just like this was served with kimchi and fish. We were blown away! 


We blended some wickedly devilish Mosel parcels into our wizard’s cauldron with a healthy dose of lees to spice; we found clear bottles, crown caps, created a delicious label, and voila, a magical potion par excellence was brewed! 


This is a still-wine-blend Red and White Mosel grapes. Tasting notes ranging from fresh Strawberries/ tart rhubarb/raspberries, zingy red fruit happiness, to old school natural funky, feral, “faulty”, to Herbal savoury (think Rosemary, Thyme, Oregano). Fruit-punch gatorade all the way to funky Angostura bitters, every bottle is an adventure.


At 9,5% alcohol... Low alcohol


Serve chilled, pair with loud food (fermented food works!) as this wine likes to go wild! 

Buddy Love Potion 2022

SKU: 001FLOK2023
750 Milliliters
  • A Deutscher Wein blend of various Mosel red and white grapes

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