2019 Mad Dog Warwick

Mosel Unfiltered Riesling

21,50€ / 0.75L

28.67€ / 1L


Old Terraced Mosel Vines

Limited Production

100% Riesling Cuvée

Blend of our Terraced Vineyards

Picked mid September 2019

Vine age between 30 - 80 years

Spontaneous Fermentation

Full malolactic fermentation

80% Barrel on full solids

20% Tank on full lees

11 months maturation

No filtration

No Fining, no additives

12,0%vol alkohol

Minimal Sulphur Added

50 ppm Total SO2


*Vegan Friendly


Named after Warwick Bruce Murray, a viticulturist, wine lover, self-proclaimed green hippy, and a good friend from Barossa Australia. To say we are feeling the pressure after the amazing success and reception our 2018 MDW got would be an understatement. But I think we rose to the occasion. The 2019 Mad Dog is a cuvée of three terraced vineyards: the original Mad Dog Warwick vineyard, 80 year old Dewy’s Drop, and 30 year old newly restored Mt. Lehmo. This is the second year since we took possession of Mt. Lehmo and the first year we got a usable crop; it's situated right beside the Dewy's Drop vineyard so you can guess their quality. The 2019 harvest was a tough one, and our quantities reflect that and because of this we decided to blend in the little Dewy’s Drop that we had into the Mad Dog. It was a tough decision but the right one as the addition has made this year’s Mad Dog lush and opulent but still retaining that linear acidic backbone. And the decision to primarily use mature oak adds more layers of texture to this already deliciously textural wine. This year’s Mad Dog is an expansion on what we accomplished in 2018. Welcome to year two of Madame Flöck. Preorder now.

2020 Schmettering Cuvée

Terrassen Mosel

Müller-Thurgau / Riesling / Kerner

18,00€ / 0.75L

24,00€ / 1L


In homage to our mentor and master blender Pete Schell of Spinifex Wines. His red blend “Papillon” is an aspirational wine for both of us. Pete’s blending prowess and his talent for discovering forgotten vineyards in the Barossa has been a constant inspiration for us since Derek interned with him back in 2017.


Cuvée of Muller Thurgau, Kerner, and Riesling. More info soon.


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Taking Preorders for Schmetterling 2020. Release early 2021. 

Min 6 bottles / Max 12 Bottles

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