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2018 Dewy’s Drop

Old Vine Single Vineyard

Mosel Riesling


32,00€ / 0,75L

42,67€ / 1,00L

Single Vineyard

393 Bottles produced

Picked 14 September 2018

80+ year old dry grown vines

Mosel Lehmener Ausinousstein

Spontaneous Fermentation

Full malolactic fermentation

100% Tank on full lees

Battonage10 months

*No fining, no additives

12,0 vol% alkohol

Minimal Sulphur Added

49ppm Total SO2


*Vegan Friendly

**All wines may contain sediment and solids from being unfiltered


Named after Stephen Dew, chief winemaker at Kaesler Wine in the Barossa Valley, Australia. The mediator and instigator of many arguments between Rob and I over the course of the 2016 harvest, this wine is an homage to the man who makes some of the most delicate wines either of us have ever tasted and spared so much of his time to mentor us along our wine journey.


We think the 2018 Dewy’s Drop does it’s namesake proud: aromatics are veracious and primal, the colour a subtle shade of straw, a flocking amazing mouth filling palate taste and texture, balanced by a tight, but not sharp acidity. We probably wont be able to make this wine every year as these vines are terribly old. So what are you waiting for? Stock up! Buy it, store it, or drink it, Dewy's Drop has a long long life ahead of it.


2018 Mad Dog Warwick

Single Vineyard

Mosel Riesling


17.50€ / 0,75L

23,33€ / 1,00L

Single Vineyard

915 Bottles produced

Picked 6 October 2018

30 year old dry grown vines

Mosel Winninger Landwein

Spontaneous Fermentation

Full malolactic fermentation.

30% mature french oak barrique

70% tank 10 months

No Fining, no additives*

11,5 vol% alkohol

Minimal Sulphur Added before Bottling

59ppm Total SO2

*Vegan Friendly

**All wines may contain sediment and solids from being unfiltered

No one would ever say Warwick is a filtered man. And his disposition, at the best of times, is cloudy with a chance of mirth mixed with vociferous cursing.  


An Australian viticulturist from the famed Barossa Valley, Warwick loves his wine, loves his vines, is a self-proclaimed green hippy, and a good friend. He’s also the loudest man on Earth!


Being so hot, the 2018 Mosel harvest could have potentially been a low acid year. We picked this vineyard just when ascending ripeness was about to go crazy and acidity was just about to fall off a cliff. In short, we picked at the perfect moment. Fresh nose with stone fruit all over the palate. We recommend cellaring but knowing you flockers you'll just drink the damn thing before it gets a chance to really shine. Made to last, but you can drink the Mad Dog fast if you must.



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