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Madame Flöck Wines: A Hyperbolic Story.

Rob and Derek met in Barossa Valley Australia during harvest 2016 and immediately disliked each other. Forever in competition, when Derek purchased grapes to make his first wine, Robert found some for free. He then proceeded to give Derek a barrel…

Madame Flöck Wines was conceived over many drunken nights. Nobody knew where they would set up shop but they were determined, as only two drunk kids at 3AM can be.

On a harvest tour through Europe, Robert met his future wife, the winemaker Janina Schmitt in Winningen Mosel, and they fell madly in love and things got gooey real quick. Fast forward to a phone call: “Derek, you want to buy a vineyard” Robert was said to have asked, “Sure” was Derek’s response. “Okay.” Robert confirmed. And voilà Madame Flock Wines of the Mosel was born.


Winemakers Robert Kane and Derek-Paul Labelle sitting at their winery in the Terrassen Mosel Germany

The name itself comes from the owner of their first Mosel vineyard. And before you ask, no she doesn’t look like the woman on the bottle label who may or may not be a 19th century London zombie brothel keeper. The real Madame Flöck got the boys started in the Mosel and to honour her, they named their wine after her. 


As much as they dislike each other though, they both love growing vines and making great wine together.

Robert Kane

Robert is a free market capitalist, loudmouth New Yorker who now lives along the Mosel with his lovely winemaker wife Janina Schmitt in the town of Winningen. He has a passion for wine and all things meat. He is constantly trying to enlighten his best friend and business partner on the errors of a non meat diet; “it’s just wrong” he says. He also enjoys pontificating on the sagacity of the writings of Ayn Rand and Objectivism. He can usually be found tending Madame Flöck’s vines, sporting something not unlike an 80’s aerobics outfit, or arguing with his business partner about all things winemaking. His favourite drink is anything alcohol and he feels that any point during the day is a good time for a champagne.

Winemaker Robert Kane in Madame Flöck vineyards in Terrassen Mosel Germany

Derek-Paul Labelle

Derek is a free loving socialist, maple syrup-drinking Canadian who now lives in Liverpool UK with his girlfriend who has absolutely no interest in wine whatsoever. He tries desperately to spend as little time with his best friend and business partner because of the constant verbal and physical abuse dished out due to his Veganism. He enjoys arguing about the need for a social safety net and lecturing on the virtues of civic humanism, why Rob’s wife should eat Broccoli, and the social status afforded by a healthy moustache. He can usually be found everywhere he’s not supposed to be, doing things that he shouldn’t, and firmly defending his ability to restrain from drinking whilst drunk.

Winemaker Derek-Paul Labelle in Madame Flöck vineyards in Terrassen Mosel Germany
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