A Brave New Mosel

Terrassen Mosel vineyards, converting organic (uncertified), 

sunshine and rain,

minimal intervention wine, 


low2no sulphur, 

no herbicides, 

aged in mature french oak and shiny stainless steel tanks,

a whack load of insanity, and always vegan friendly.


Who the flock are we?

Madame Flock Wines specializes in micro batch dry White and Red wines, grown sustainably on old Mosel (steep as flock!) terraced vineyards (some that we rescued and restored btw), and made as naturally as these two unnaturalized expats know how to here in the Terrassen Mosel.





Robert Kane:   +49 173 4370130

Derek P Labelle: +44 7444 278523

Call us anytime, stop by for a drink, maybe get into some barrel tastings!

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