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Robert and I are so excited to introduce you to the Pinot Butter. Named after Derek's obsesssion with Peanut Butter. 


93 Points Mosel Fine Wines


Regarded as our most valuable vineyard. This old vineyard of rare Mosel Pinot Blanc, or Weissburgunder as it is know here in Deutschland, overlooks our small village of Winningen. It produces some incredibly dramatic and complex Pinot Blanc.  


The 12 months oak elevage on lees yields and incredibly pronounced bouquet of camomile, delicate toasted french oak, and lightly dried fruit. This is complimented by a luxurious pallet of creamy tannin, woody structure, roasted almonds, roasted vanilla bean driven by a taut linear acidity but not overpowering. 


This is Weissburgender like you’ve never experienced. This is the pinnacle of Weissburgunder winemaking and growing craft. Only 600 bottles grown. 



Pinot Butter Limited Edition 2021

SKU: MF 006 2022
750 Milliliters
  • 100% Weissburgunder / Pinot Blanc Terrassen Mosel Single Vineyard Winningen

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