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The unsulphured Mad Dog! 


This is a wine Rob and I have wanted to make for a number of years and finally we did it! 


The OG Mad Dog has 12 months oak elevage on lees, the new Raw Edition has the same oak elevage but with a further 6 months tank elevage and holy shit this extension does some massive changes to the wine. Where the OG is a focused, taut, powerhouse; the RAW Edition (affectionately called the “Raw Dog” in house), is like a flockin’ bulldozer. Everything about this wine is dialled to the max: the oak starts to scream, the tannins soften out with the 6 months of elevage with oxidative ullage and go plush, and the pallet delivers power in droves. 


The Mad Dog Raw Edition is sheer indulgent empirical power. This is one of the greatest wines we have ever made! 


94+ Points on Mosel Fine Wines 2023

The Mad Dog Raw Edition 2021

SKU: MF0082022
750 Milliliters
  • 100% Riesling Handpicked Terrassen Mosel  

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