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The Buddy Love Whale 


The second wine in the new Buddy Love line! A Big bold red with low alcohol! This is a very special wine. A very mature french oak barrique, a natural flor growing on the wine, and 12 months of aging, really send this Regent into the stratosphere. Only 200 produced, and for the lucky few that get some, you're in for a really delightful adventure.


Rob and I are currently at odds and what we think it tastes like more. I'm leaning more towards a heavily rustic Beaujolais, think Metras. And Rob is leaning more in the direction of a silky Malbec. We both see what the other is saying, but as per usual, we stand by our tastings. 


The point is, this is a very big, bold, luscious red. From two North Americans we certainly would describe this as our most "European Wine" that we've ever made. Silky smooth tanins, light grip, dark forest floor bouquet, with a heft of old country rustique! 

Buddy Love Whale 2022

SKU: 010FLOK2023
750 Milliliters
  • A Deutscher Wein blend of various Mosel Red Grapes, almost entirely Regent.

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