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Unsulfured Dry Field Blend Red



What a year for unsulphured Reds along the Mosel! 


Rob and I found so many flockin’ cool hidden vineyards! And as usual, being known as the guys who are ready to pick up the weirdest hardest to pick vineyards at the last minute yielded us some absolute gems (cough cough, grandcru Pinot Noir cough cough)...

From mountain top fruburgunder (Pinot Noir Precoce) to insanely hidden field blends, Rob and I found them all. 


Big intense juicy ferments make for big juicy wines. This flocker is a psychotic powerhouse reminiscent of the banner 2020 version and less the savoury darling of 2021. A massive field blend of every weird red vineyard we could find here in the steep slopes. Punchy red fruit, tart sour cherry, lean acidity, grippy tannins, and some healthy oak.


Drink it chilled like a beaujolais, sit back on that hot day, and let your mind wander in and out of existence. Our cellar temp is 10c. 


P.M.V. (Positive Mental Vibes) 2022

SKU: 003FLOK2023
750 Milliliters
    • Pinot Noir (Spatburgunder) Dominant 
    • Pinot Noir Precose  (Fruburgunder)
    • Dornfelder
    • Dunkelfelder
    • Regent
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