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The Classiest Riesling we have ever made: The Class A!


The Madame Flöck twist on the Classic Mosel Riesling. It's tradional and classic but at the same time totally Madame Flöck. It's called the Class A because... well we couldn't legally use classic, we like sports cars, Derek is Canadian so Class "Eh", and well, we don't make anything less than the best so it made sense to call our entry level A.


Featuring all our staples: wild fermentation, a touch of skin-contact, crushed by foot, no additives, no filtation, no fining, minimal intervention, low alcohol, and a minimal sulfur. 


Stay Classy folks, this wine is going to be your summer favourite.


Mosel "Class A" Riesling

SKU: FLOK 001 2024
750 Milliliters
    • Mosel Riesling
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